simple student recipe: korma rice

This is the first recipe on my blog! I’m also proud to say that this was my first time dreaming up a recipe after looking at what I had in my cupboard and fridge. Of course, I’m sure many similar recipes exist, but I was quite proud of myself! It’s quick, simple, delicious and very filling… and can so easily be adapted with different curry pastes or vegetables.

Serves: 1 hungry student (and very easy to scale up)

Time: about 15 minutes

Equipment needed: chopping board, chopping knife, deep-edged frying pan, lidded saucepan, kettle, sieve (optional)


Half a mug of dried basmati rice

2 cloves garlic

A few mushrooms

1 leek

4 or 5 spring onions

1 pepper (I like to use green in a korma)

Korma curry paste (not sauce)




Chop everything up before you get started. You might want to use half the leek or the pepper if you’re less famished than I was when I made this.


Cook the rice, however you like to. How I usually do it is: bring a kettle to the boil. Rinse the rice in a sieve. Stick in a pan and pour over the boiling water until it covers about 1cm above the rice. Bring to the boil again, then turn down the heat and let it bubble for about 10 minutes. Don’t lift the lid. By the end, all the bubbles will have disappeared and you will be able to see your fresh fluffy rice that has absorbed all the water.



Once the rice gets going, melt some butter in a pan (or heat some oil). Tip in all the veg.


Stir it until the veg wilts down a bit. Then, add a tablespoon (per person) of korma curry paste. Stir it in.


Keep stirring your veg until the rice looks done. Then you can mix them together so the curry paste covers all the rice too.


Bon appétit! (this would be nice with some pitta/naan/flatbread if you’re feeling fancy!)



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