simple student recipe: Mexican chorizo rice (with a little help from Uncle Ben)

Is inventing the ‘Uncle-Ben’s-rice-with-veg’ dish my greatest achievement during my time at uni? Possibly. It’s a versatile concept; the rice provides the flavour whilst the vegetables add some health benefits! It’s also pretty much the quickest, simplest meal I can think of.

Using Uncle Ben’s spicy Mexican rice as a base, I added chorizo to the veg. Frying them together gives the lovely smoky paprika flavour to the veg as well. Chorizo lasts for a while in the fridge and a ring will last you for several meals, so it’s great option if you want some meat in your diet.

Serves: 1 hungry student

Time: about 10 minutes

Equipment needed: chopping board, chopping knife, frying pan, microwave


Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Rice

1 pepper (I like the flavour of red for this)

A handful of green beans

A few inches of a chorizo ring

Cooking oil



Chop up the pepper, beans and chorizo. It’s a good idea to peel the film from around the edge of the chorizo as well.


Fry them in the pan after heating some oil.


After they’ve started sizzling, season with salt, pepper and a few pinches of paprika, and stick the rice packet in the microwave.



Once the rice is cooked, and you’re happy with the chorizo and veg (I like them to be a little bit charred and smoky – the beans in particular taste delicious this way) you can combine the two, and enjoy!


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