27 ways to level-up your avocado toast

Avocado on toast is a classic for a reason: it’s perfect for pairing with other ingredients. Avocado’s mild flavour makes an ideal base, while toast is sturdy enough to support a veritable pile of extra toppings.

It’s one of my favourite meals, so I thought I would compile a list of ideas to level up this classic dish, as well as talking through a few flavour combinations.


There’s about a million different types of bread in this world, and the majority of them would be an excellent partner to avocado, so get adventurous and experimental. However, I would maintain that the two best options are either thick, seedy, multigrain bread or a lightly toasted sesame bagel.


For best results, mash up your avocado in a separate bowl with a fork before spreading it on the toast. As a busy (and lazy) student, I usually just slice the avocado directly on, but would definitely acknowledge that the consistency of pre-mashed avocado is much better. Know when to stop, though – it’s nice a little chunky.

Things to add into your avocado as you mash it up

Salt and pepper

Lemon or lime juice

Chopped coriander, dill, basil, chive or parsley

Chilli powder, chilli flakes or chopped chillies

Things to spread underneath your avocado


Cream cheese

Things to scatter, place or drizzle on top of your avocado

Chopped nuts

Small chopped pieces of cheese

Crispy bacon

Fried chorizo

Fried mushrooms

Smoked salmon

Poached egg


Extra virgin olive oil

Seeds: sesame, chia, poppy

Chilli powder or flakes

Ground black pepper

Idea 1: cheese, nuts and honey

I make this all the time, usually with extra mature cheddar because I have it in the fridge. Most strong cheeses would work – I’m thinking crumbled wensleydale, or something soft like goat’s cheese. Chop it into small pieces along with the nuts – I used a mixed bag, but cashews are my favourite and walnuts work well too. Drizzling honey over the top ties everything together.


Idea 2: hummus, nuts and chia seeds

Hummus and avocado on toast is my new favourite snack; the two relatively mild flavours and slightly different soft textures compliment each other perfectly. They’re both high in fats, so they’re very filling. Top with chopped nuts or seeds, such as chia.



Idea 3: poached egg and chilli powder

I mashed up my avocado properly here, and added in fresh parsley and salt and pepper. To easily soft boil an egg without any equipment, crack it into a small bowl, making sure not to split the yolk. Get a small pan of water to a rolling boil and, using any sort of utensil, swirl it around (carefully!) to create a whirlpool. Whip out your utensil and quickly pour the egg into the centre of the whirlpool. The white will swirl around the yolk and you will get a lovely natural shape. It only needs to be in there for 1 or 2 minutes. Ideally you want a slotted spoon to get it out so that the water can drain off it. Put it on some kitchen roll to catch any excess water, or just stick it straight on top of your avocado, sprinkle with a few pinches of chilli powder or flakes, and relish the yolk splitting!



Idea 4: cream cheese and smoked salmon

Squeeze some lemon juice and add some fresh dill or parsley, if you can get it, into your avocado as you mash it up. Spread some cream cheese on a lightly toasted sesame bagel, then add your avocado. Lay a few strips of smoked salmon on top. Sprinkle over freshly cut cress and sesame seeds and grind some black pepper. A classic flavour combination!

Get creative, and enjoy!

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